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Coron Itinerary for Five Days

Coron Itinerary for Five Days

Day 1

Airport pick up
Check in
Town Tour
Souvenir shops
Cashew Nut Produce
Tapyas View Deck
Coron Baywalk
Maquinit Hot Spring

Day 2

Wholeday Island Tour
Kayangan Lake
Twin Peaks Reef
Twin Lagoons
CYC Island
Atwayan Beach
Coral Gardens

Day 3
Wholeday Island Tour
Banol Beach
Barracuda Lake
Calachuchi Reefs
Sunset Lagoon
Siete Pecados

Day 4

Wholeday Island Tour
Sangat Gunboat Wreck
Coral Garden
Declave Marine Park

Day 5

Free time
Transfer to the airport for departure flight

Day 1

Airport pick up
Check in
Tour the city
Trekking 700 steps to Mt. Tapyas
Maquinit Hot Spring
Coron Port

Day 2

Boat and Island Tour
Coron Loop
Siete Picados
Kayangan Lake
Sunshine Beach
Twin Lagoon
Barracuda Lake
Skeleton Ship Wreck
CYC Beach.
Diwata Beach
Banol Beach
Smith Beach
91 Beach
Atuayan Beach

Day 3

Boat and Island Tour
Banana Island
Malcapuya Island
Bulog Dos Island
Banana Island

Day 4

Boat and Island Tour
Sangat Island
Coral Garden
Hidden Hot Spring

5th Day

Scour the market and souvenir shop for best buys
Transfer to the airport for departure flight

Coron Island Entrance Fee

Coron Island Entrance Fee

Banana Island            P200/person
Banol Beach              P100/person
Barracuda Lake         P100/person
Bulalacao Island         P200/person
Bulog Island               P100/person
Calauit Wildlife Safari P250/person
Calumbuyan Island     P150/person
Coral Garden             P50/person
Culion Museum          P250 local/350 foreigner
CYC Beach               P250/person
Dalawang Isla             P100/ person
Ditaytayan Island        P200/person
Kabu Beach               Free
Kayangan Lake          P200/person
Lusong Sangat Gun Boat P50/person
Malaroyroy Island      P100/person
Malcapuya Island       P150/person
Maquinit Hot Springs P100/person
Pulang Lupa               P100/person
Sangat Island             P200/person
Siete Pecados            P100/person
Skeleton Wreck         P100/person
Smith Beach              P100/person
Twin Lagoon             P100/person

Secret Beach

Secret Beach in El Nido, Palawan

The Secret Beach in El Nido is a piece of paradise concealed by the cliffs and is only accessible through a narrow crevice. One has to swim through this opening to reach this place, shining even under the shade created when the sun kisses the cliffs. Legend has it that this beach inspired author Alex Garland to write his novel 'The Beach.'

Photo by Rod Ruales

Sea Slug in El Nido

Sea Slug Bar, Resto and Band in El Nido, Palawan

Let's talk about El Nido, Palawan. Ever heard of Sea Slugs Beach Bar & Restaurant? Sea Slugs is the most popular restaurant in El Nido if you ask the locals there.

It’s located along the stretch of Bacuit Bay so you can feel the cool breeze coming from the waves while enjoying good sounds from the live band.

Here are just some of their offerings: Buttered Shrimp, Seafood Pasta and Sizzling Squid. Looks appetizing, right?

Kawayanan Grill Station

Kawayanan Grill Station in Coron, Palawan

Kawayanan Grill station in Coron offers different barbecue and seafood dishes. Views of customers regarding this restaurant varies. Some had a great experience while others say the price is a bit expensive. Some of the dishes customers liked are the Grilled Lobsters and Kinilaw na Isda.

Caffe Camo

Caffe Camo in Coron Palawan

Caffe Americano
Caffe Latte
Caffe Mocha
Brewed Coffe
Iced Coffee

Underground River Cave

Underground River Cave in Palawan, Philippines

Travel by boat, through a massive cave on the longest underground river in the world.
Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Palawan Underground River or St. Paul Subterranean River – Longest Navigable Underground River in the World. This is the most famous cave in the Philippines. The longest underground river was discovered a few years back in Mexico somewhere in the Yucatan. St. Paul Underground River in Palawan, Philippines may not be the longest underground river in the world anymore, but it is still the world’s longest navigable underground river. The navigable part of the river inside the cave of the 4000-acre St. Paul Subterranean River stretches 15 kilometers in length (5 miles). St. Paul Cave is the 3rd deepest cave in the country

La Sirenetta

La Sirenetta Restaurant and Bar in Coron, Palawan owned by Micah, one of the cast of Survivor.

Isla Pandan Day Resort

Isla Pandan in Palawan

Isla Pandan is a private island with just one small resort. The island has the finest, whitest sands of all the islands and a lush tropical forest. This oval shaped island offers stunning views of the Honda Bay.

Sizzling Snake Island

Sizzling Snake Island in Palawan

Snake Island, as creepy as the name sounds is an island not surrounded by snakes but is surrounded by nature’s beauty. It was previously known as Vigan Island but then changed because of the island’s unique S-shaped sandbar, which stretches from the mainland to Snake Island. However, you can only see the visible sandbar trail during low tide.

Dive Link Resort

Dive Link Resort in Coron, Palawan

A class A beachfront resort on Uson Island offering scuba diving and accommodation with fan, balcony and twin beds enough to have a comfortable and relaxing stay in Palawan.

Best food in town.
Cleanest and most comfortable rooms.
Friendly and accommodating staff.
Relaxing ambiance and breathtaking view.
Simple and enjoyable.
Great for lovers, family, friends and company / school outing.
Sunrise and Sunset view at our summit

Siete Pecados Marine Park

Siete Pecados in Coron, Palawan is one of the best Marine Park in the Philippines, best snorkeling site for beginners, it is only 6 to 10 minutes east from the town harbor and yet the site is rich with colorful fishes and coral reefs.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake in Palawan is a tiring trek going up, midway you will see a cave to your left. Do not miss this perfect spot for taking a photo with the breathtaking islets as your background. After this, its all downhill going to Kayangan Lake. Freshwater lake, the tour guide said that among the 7 lakes owned by the Tagbanua Tribe, only 2 are open to the public. The Kayangan Lake and the Barracuda Lake, the rest are very sacred and can only be accessed by the natives. A rumor is circulating that a giant octopus is a resident of one of these lakes, or it is just a myth to prevent curios trespassers.

Rasa Island

Rasa Island is the home to the last dozens of Philippine cockatoo, locally known as katala or kalabukay. Also found in the island are 68 kinds of birds, some of which are the Blue Headed Racket Tail or also known as kilit-kilit, the Black Naped Oriole and the White Vintage Shama.

Estrella Falls

Estrella Falls fresh cool waters cascading rapidly from Victoria Peak to twin falls at the mountain’s edge. Estrella Waterfalls is a favorite destination of locals and visitors. The clear waters flow to three natural pools of varying depths. One has a depth that is just right for good swimmers, another has a medium depth that is safe for those who do not swim well and there is a shallow pool that is ideal for children. It won the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in River Category in the national search. Through the initiative of the Municipal Government of Narra, resort facilities have been provided such as cottages, huts, shades, rest rooms and provisions for grilling.

Ursula Island

Ursula Island was declared as Palawan’s Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary through Presidential Proclamation No. 14 on April 30, 1960. It is a haven to over 150,000 birds that cluster here two hours before sunset.

Ursula Island is a 17 hectare, oval shaped island is located southwest of Sulu Sea. On the southern part lies a wide coral reef covering an area larger than Ursula island itself. The beautiful coral line and marine vegetations surrounding the island are a delightful sight for tourists and divers. For more information, contact the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office at Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City.

Stunning Snake Island

Snake Island in Palawan

Slither up to Snake Island in El Nido, ‪#Palawan‬ which is known for its S-shaped sandbar that connects the island to the mainland and can only be accessed during low tide.

Snake Island is one of Palawan’s remarkable landmarks because of how it stretches along the sea in a snake-like form. There might not be snakes in the island but you can definitely snorkel with the sea turtles here at this white sand beach!

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique game reserve and wildlife sanctuary of exotic African animals and endangered endemic animals of Palawan.

Established on August 31,1976 by virtue of Presidential Decree No.1578, this was initiated in response to the appeal of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature to help save African wildlife when former President Ferdinand Marcos attended the 3rd world Conference in Kenya. By virtue of RA 7611 SEP, administrative jurisdiction of DENR was given to the local government of Palawan, effective December 31,1993.

Management of the area is the responsibility of the PCSDO Palawan Council of Sustainable Development Office. It is located in Calauit Island, Busuanga, Palawan.

Lagen Island

Lagen Island Resort in El Nido Resorts Lagen Island is a tropical hideaway set in a cove and fringed by a lush forest.It is the most luxurious resort in the area and it provides facilities and services that discerning leisure travelers require.

Photo by Jonathan Ramael

Puerto de Sta Isabel

Puerto de Sta Isabel is the historic Taytay Fort, built in 1667, under the Augustinian Recollect Fathers, was used as a military station during that period. The fort's small chapel and cannon are still intact. Constructed in 1667-1738, it is under the National Museum of the Philippines. It is located in Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan, reachable in eight hours of land travel. From the Malvar Terminal in Puerto Princesa, one can take a Taytay bound jeepney or bus and get off at the Taytay church. The fort can be reached by a three-minute walk from the church. Taytay is 215kilometers from Puerto Princesa City.

Palawan View

Palawan view is one of the most sought after view here in the Philippines.

Palawan Postcards