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Secret Beach

Secret Beach in El Nido, Palawan

The Secret Beach in El Nido is a piece of paradise concealed by the cliffs and is only accessible through a narrow crevice. One has to swim through this opening to reach this place, shining even under the shade created when the sun kisses the cliffs. Legend has it that this beach inspired author Alex Garland to write his novel 'The Beach.'

Photo by Rod Ruales

Sea Slug in El Nido

Sea Slug Bar, Resto and Band in El Nido, Palawan

Let's talk about El Nido, Palawan. Ever heard of Sea Slugs Beach Bar & Restaurant? Sea Slugs is the most popular restaurant in El Nido if you ask the locals there.

It’s located along the stretch of Bacuit Bay so you can feel the cool breeze coming from the waves while enjoying good sounds from the live band.

Here are just some of their offerings: Buttered Shrimp, Seafood Pasta and Sizzling Squid. Looks appetizing, right?

Kawayanan Grill Station

Kawayanan Grill Station in Coron, Palawan

Kawayanan Grill station in Coron offers different barbecue and seafood dishes. Views of customers regarding this restaurant varies. Some had a great experience while others say the price is a bit expensive. Some of the dishes customers liked are the Grilled Lobsters and Kinilaw na Isda.

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