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White Sand Balabac Island

White Sand Balabac Island

The island of Balabac is a stunning region filled full of history and a hoard of untouched places to adventure through. Known in the Philippines for its rare plants and animal species, Balabac Island is a unique vacationer’s haven for anyone looking to find those out of the way places in the Philippines.

Built in 1892, Cabo Melville Lighthouse is the best preserved of all Spanish-era lighthouses in the country. The brick and stone structure is located in Balabac Island, a three-hour boat ride from Puerto Princesa. Its original light, lenses and clock are still intact—a rarity among the country’s lighthouses. A trip to Cabo Melville offers not only a view of the past but also of the surrounding picturesque seascape.

The Philippine mouse-deer or Tragulus nigricans is also called the balabac, both names come from their native land - the Balabac island of the Phillipines and it is the only mouse-deer species native to the country!

Cadlao Lagoon by Anderson Image

Cadlao Lagoon

Cadlao Lagoon is one of the best lagoon in the group of islands around El Nido vicinity because of the complete and packaged recreational combination of a lagoon, beach and a snorkeling area. You will be amazed by its sedimentary rock formation around the lagoon as if it is the nature’s fortress of its beautiful and serene location. Enjoy walking on the soft and long sand of Balinaod Beach and take your lunch at Pasandigan Beach.

Photo by Anderson Image

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