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White Sand Balabac Island

White Sand Balabac Island

The island of Balabac is a stunning region filled full of history and a hoard of untouched places to adventure through. Known in the Philippines for its rare plants and animal species, Balabac Island is a unique vacationer’s haven for anyone looking to find those out of the way places in the Philippines.

Built in 1892, Cabo Melville Lighthouse is the best preserved of all Spanish-era lighthouses in the country. The brick and stone structure is located in Balabac Island, a three-hour boat ride from Puerto Princesa. Its original light, lenses and clock are still intact—a rarity among the country’s lighthouses. A trip to Cabo Melville offers not only a view of the past but also of the surrounding picturesque seascape.

The Philippine mouse-deer or Tragulus nigricans is also called the balabac, both names come from their native land - the Balabac island of the Phillipines and it is the only mouse-deer species native to the country!

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