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Caffe Camo

Caffe Camo in Coron Palawan

Caffe Americano
Caffe Latte
Caffe Mocha
Brewed Coffe
Iced Coffee

Underground River Cave

Underground River Cave in Palawan, Philippines

Travel by boat, through a massive cave on the longest underground river in the world.
Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Palawan Underground River or St. Paul Subterranean River – Longest Navigable Underground River in the World. This is the most famous cave in the Philippines. The longest underground river was discovered a few years back in Mexico somewhere in the Yucatan. St. Paul Underground River in Palawan, Philippines may not be the longest underground river in the world anymore, but it is still the world’s longest navigable underground river. The navigable part of the river inside the cave of the 4000-acre St. Paul Subterranean River stretches 15 kilometers in length (5 miles). St. Paul Cave is the 3rd deepest cave in the country

La Sirenetta

La Sirenetta Restaurant and Bar in Coron, Palawan owned by Micah, one of the cast of Survivor.

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