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Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake in Palawan is a tiring trek going up, midway you will see a cave to your left. Do not miss this perfect spot for taking a photo with the breathtaking islets as your background. After this, its all downhill going to Kayangan Lake. Freshwater lake, the tour guide said that among the 7 lakes owned by the Tagbanua Tribe, only 2 are open to the public. The Kayangan Lake and the Barracuda Lake, the rest are very sacred and can only be accessed by the natives. A rumor is circulating that a giant octopus is a resident of one of these lakes, or it is just a myth to prevent curios trespassers.

Rasa Island

Rasa Island is the home to the last dozens of Philippine cockatoo, locally known as katala or kalabukay. Also found in the island are 68 kinds of birds, some of which are the Blue Headed Racket Tail or also known as kilit-kilit, the Black Naped Oriole and the White Vintage Shama.

Estrella Falls

Estrella Falls fresh cool waters cascading rapidly from Victoria Peak to twin falls at the mountain’s edge. Estrella Waterfalls is a favorite destination of locals and visitors. The clear waters flow to three natural pools of varying depths. One has a depth that is just right for good swimmers, another has a medium depth that is safe for those who do not swim well and there is a shallow pool that is ideal for children. It won the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in River Category in the national search. Through the initiative of the Municipal Government of Narra, resort facilities have been provided such as cottages, huts, shades, rest rooms and provisions for grilling.

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