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Banol Beach

Banol Beach in Coron is where the Dyesebel was shoot at.

Coron is not only known for its reputation as a great diving site but for its gorgeous beaches as well. Aside from Kayangan Lake that's one of the cleanest lakes in Asia, Banol Beach has definitely made me fall in love with Palawan.

Banol Beach is most well-known amongst Coron Island beaches. It is known for its two beaches, Big Banol and Small Banol and rock formations that are picturesque as well.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake in Palawan

Kayangan Lake is a wonderful tourist spot in Palawan surrounded with rocky mountain composed of limestone and clothed with mangrove forests. The water is fresh and clean and you can feel the good aura of the place vibrating. Whether you are a savvy traveller or just a normal guy that wants to be refreshed away from the noise of the city, this majestic nature is surely a solution to that.

Coron Legislative Building

Coron Legislative Building in town of Coron, Palawan

The main population center of the municipality is composed of Poblacion Barangays 1 to 6, where the Municipal Building, the Municipal Legislative Building and Judicial Hall of the Municipal Circuit Trial Court are located. Its fiesta is held annually on August 28 in honor of Saint Augustine. It is the commercial capital of the Calamian Islands.

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