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Calumbuyan Coral Reef

Calumbuyan Island in Palawan is a very beautiful island with lots of coral reef around it. You will be pleased not only on the island but also on the water. Calumbayan is surrounded with beautiful fishes and coral reefs.

Snorkeling at Siete Pecados

Snorkeling at Siete Pecados was our first stop in Coron, Palawan. We had a great time and a very exciting way to start our first day of sea tour.

Siete Pecados is the most known and closest snorkeling destination around Coron. The marine life around the islands are amazing, when you snorkel you will see countless of fishes and the bottom is covered with hard corals.

Siete Pecados Coral Reef

One of the best coral reefs I had seen is in Palawan, the Siete Pecados snorkeling. You will be mesmerize to the different colors and shapes of coral reef in this paradise. The fishes are abundant, the water is clear and the reefs are alive and colorful.

Palawan Postcards