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Tourist Destination Honda Bay

Comprising Honda Bay are islets of shallow reefs surrounding white sand beaches that are best for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Some of the islets known in Honda Bay are Bat Island, Meara Marina, Starfish Island, Cowrie Island, Snake Island, Pandan Island, Lu-Li Island, and Senorita Island. Among these islets, the most significant ones are the Lu-Li Island only visible when its low tide, Senorita Island breeding area for lapu-lapu, and overnight stays in Starfish and Meara Marina islands.

Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa Palawan, one of the premiere tourist destination in Palawan composed of different islets with dazzling places to encounter. Another place to visit in the island is the Iwahig prison the largest prison without bars. That’s why Honda Bay is called the Last Frontier. 

The location of Honda Bay is in Sta. Lourdes of Puerto Princesa City. From the capital of Palawan or approximately 12 kilometers east of the city is the wharf of Sta. Lourdes. This is where tourists can ride the pump boats and pick the islands they want to visit. An entrance fee may be required by some islands because of private ownership.

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