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Isla Arena

Isla Arena in Palawan

Palawan's best kept secret, Arena Island is a four-hectare island tucked away from your usual island getaway. Striking the perfect balance of rustic charms and the comforts of modern living, your private sanctuary awaits.

An untouched paradise Nestled in Narra, a coastal municipality of Palawan, Arena Island sits on a thriving coral reef, home to a diverse marine life and resources. Enjoy the pristine waters while snorkeling and diving. Its white sand beach entices guests and visitors to explore, swim, and be one with the original residents of the island, the Pawikan. Trees abundantly grow in the island, making it an ideal home for a number of endemic birds.

Arreceffi Island

Arreceffi Island in Palawan, Philippines

To get Arreceffi Island, it's just under an hour banca boat ride from the Municipal Wharf in Sta. Lourdes. The Sta. Lourdes wharf is just a 20-30 minute ride north of Puerto Princesa city proper. Arreceffi Island which is one of more than 16 beautiful islets that lies in the tropical waters of Honda Bay, northeast of Princesa City.

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is one of the best attractions in Coron, Palawan. It is composed of brackish water, a combination of fresh and salt water. The lake is known for it's unique thermo-clines, which are distinct layers of cold, warm water and hot water. This is caused by the meeting of the cold fresh water and the warm salt water.

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