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El Nido Ten Commandments

1.Do behold but touch not the coral whose gracious souls are wrapped within their delicate bodies.

2.Do be kind to the fauna on the land and in the sea. Care for them as you would a human friend,respecting their space.

3.Do leave nothing behind that will spoil the pristine beauty of El Nido. Littering is an offense against nature.

4. Do help keep the waters of El Nido clear, the sand pure, and the forests lush and green. Let waste be deposited in their proper place so that they do not find their way into the mouths of our animals.

5. Do marvel at the marine and terrestrial creatures. Leave them unscathed so that others may see their magnificence. Remember that the shells in the sea are infinite in number.

6. Do share time with the people…get to know them…. But remember to respect their unique culture.

7. Do observe the symbolic relationship of living things. Every single organism – however tiny – has a role in our ecosystem.

8. Do respect all forms of life and realize that there are limits to El Nido’s life support system. Help preserve El Nido’s fragile beauty.

9. Do sustain and heal the earth for it is our children who shall endure whatever damage we inflict upon nature.

10. Do make a pledge to live an environmentally ethical life. It is our duty to take care of the earth we live in.

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